Dilip Kumar Gautam

Country Lead

Dilip leads and provides guidance for project activities in Nepal. He facilitates discussions on overall project implementation, and works closely with partners and stakeholders to ensure timely resolution of implementation challenges.

Dilip also provides support on assessing the climate information needs and requirements for hydromet early warning in Nepal. He provides technical inputs for enhancing the portal of Department of Hydrology and Meteorology to integrate a Decision Support System (DSS) for flood impact, weather forecast verification and bias correction.

Moreover, Dilip conducts a desk review to map stakeholders, assess DSSs and identify gaps. He leads user needs assessments, and undertakes surveys, consultation meetings, interviews, focus group discussions and decision-simulation workshops to identify the sector’s weather information needs and requirements, decision-making contexts, data availability and accessibility, and technical capacity.

Dilip has over 28 years of work experience in hydrology, flood forecasting, early warning systems, flood hazard mapping, GIS, integrated water resources management, water security improvement, climate change adaptation and disaster risk management. He has experience working with national and international organizations, government agencies and donors across South and Southeast Asia.

Dilip holds a doctorate in Hydroinformatics and Water Management.