DSS for climate-induced disaster risk management

Date: to be confirmed
Time: 3-5 pm, Bangkok time
Location: Virtual

This is the fifth of the webinar series Decision Support System (DSS) for Understanding and Reducing Climate Risks. This webinar will explore the applications of DSS for collecting data and decision-making for disaster management.

The webinar is organized under the CARE for South Asia project. Speakers for this webinar include practitioners and experts from the region with extensive knowledge of the recent technological advancements in disaster management.


  • Explore the role of information technology in disaster management
  • Discuss the operational challenges in decision making for disaster management in South Asia
  • Learn how DSS can assist in decision-making
  • Discuss the components of DSS for disaster management


  • Policy-level users of DSS for disaster management
  • Operational users of DSS, including provincial and local-level governments
  • RIMES, ADPC, and World Bank staff

Technical Specifications

Zoom is used as the webinar platform. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments using the chat function.


The registration link will be activated once the webinar date is confirmed.

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