Yoga Raj Pokhrel

Finance Expert

Yoga provides support on assessing the climate information needs and requirements of the finance sector in Nepal. He also provides technical inputs for improving the Public Financial Management of the Ministry of Finance to incorporate climate budget allocation, expenditure tracking, sustainability monitoring and assessment of investment results in climate-sensitive sectors.

Yoga has extensive knowledge in public financial management, procurement management, education planning and financing, local governance, and devolution. He has continuously been providing consulting services, as a Financial Management Expert, for development projects in Nepal funded by the International Development Association and the Asian Development Bank.

He has more than 34 years of professional experience working with ministries, departments and development projects, evaluating plans, programs and projects, undertaking research studies for government and international organizations, participating in workshops, seminars and trainings, and leading a consulting firm.

He was a graduate of Management and Law, and holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and M. Phil in Education Leadership.