Ruby Rose Policarpio

Project Director

Ruby Rose provides direction for all activities undertaken by RIMES for the CARE for South Asia project.

At RIMES, she serves as the Team Leader for the Institution Development Division. For over 15 years, Ruby Rose builds the capacity of institutions and communities on early warning systems. She also oversees the integration of multi-timescales and multi-hazard information into short-, medium-, and long-term sectoral plans and decisions for climate and disaster risk management and resilience.

Moreover, Ruby Rose is experienced in multi-institutional and multi-thematic coordination for climate information, and the development, customization and delivery of early warning information services. In the past, she researched for customizing Forecast Application for Risk Management in Agriculture (FARM) School, performed assessments for climate information and early warning information requirements of user institutions, and provided inputs to technical teams for generation of decision support systems.

Ruby Rose has regional and international experience in different countries in Asia-Pacific, with familiarity with government systems. She previously worked with the United Nations, development organizations and country institutions, from the national to the local level.