Md. Abdul Muyeed

Agriculture Expert

Md Abdul leads the user needs assessments for the agriculture sector to identify the weather/climate information needs and requirements, decision-making contexts, data availability and accessibility, and technical capacity. He also collaborates with partner organizations for enhancing the Bangladesh Agro-Meteorological Information (BAMIS) portal of the Department of Agricultural Extension, and provides recommendations and technical inputs on the design, content, and analytics to ensure its application in planning and decision-making.

Md Abdul has vast experience in sustainable agriculture, climate-smart agriculture, climate adaptation and risk reduction, agricultural meteorology, food security and nutrition, and capacity building.

He has three and a half decades of work experience in governments and non-governmental organizations. Before retirement from government service, he was the Director-General of the Department of Agricultural Extension. At present, he is one of the founding members of the South Asian Forum on Agro Meteorology, a technical advisory committee member of Krishi Gobeshona Foundation, and a member of the BSAFE Foundation.

Md Abdul holds a PhD in Environmental Science from the Bangladesh Agricultural University with research collaboration of Bangor University in the UK. He participated in several international seminars, symposiums, and trainings held in Asia, Europe and the USA.